Wellness Coaching

The best part of working in this industry for me is educating & showing others how many healing benefits CBD & THC has to offer. A holistic approach in a world of western medicine if you will. Since 2003, I have been consulting with both doctors & patients on creating a customized plan using products derived from the cannabis plant. I will not only help you on creating a natural regimen but I will also educate you on an in depth, scientific level about the plant itself, dosing & shopping at dispensaries.

ASSESSMENT & planning

Dealing with health issues of any kind is taxing not only on the body, but the mind as soul as well. We live in a world where if you have a problem, we have a pill. What more people are starting to understand is that the Western way is not the only way! Cannabis can also be used as a replacement or as a supplement to many Western medications.

Together, we will review your (or your patients) medical records. From there we will identify the areas where we can integrate a more natural approach using CBD, THC or both & create a plan based on your diagnoses/symptoms.



What do doses mean? Low dose? High dose? THC or CBD? These are such common questions! I am here to help educate you on dosing, product options & their effects on the body.

Figuring out the optimal doses of cannabis will involve some trial and error like any medication. A balanced ratio of CBD & THC could have a greater therapeutic impact than either CBD or THC alone. Depending on your medical case & symptoms the options will vary! There is never one blueprint for all patients.


how to shop at dispensaries

Do you feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of products when walking into a dispensary? I am here to help you shop efficiently & knowledgeably. I want you to walk in with not only a deep understanding, but a plan!

Rates: sessions start at $150 - they are also based on a sliding scale